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HopeRise Alabama

HopeRise Alabama is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to uplifting the lives of pregnant teenagers and young mothers in the community. Our mission revolves around providing comprehensive support, education, and resources tailored to the unique challenges faced by these vulnerable individuals. Through various programs and initiatives, we empower young mothers to pursue education, access healthcare, develop essential life skills, and build a better future for themselves and their children. At HopeRise Alabama, we believe in fostering a nurturing and supportive environment where pregnant teens and young mothers can thrive. Our organization offers personalized guidance, educational workshops, childcare assistance, and access to community resources, ensuring that these young parents have the tools and knowledge needed to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. By promoting education, self-reliance, and emotional well-being, HopeRise Alabama strives to break the cycle of poverty and empower young families to lead fulfilling lives. Through advocacy, mentorship, and community engagement, HopeRise Alabama creates a network of support that uplifts pregnant teenagers and young mothers, helping them navigate challenges and build a brighter tomorrow. Our organization is not just a support system; it's a beacon of hope, empowering young mothers to embrace their potential, pursue their dreams, and create a positive impact on their families and communities.

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Ages served: Teen (13-20 years)
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Transportation accommodations: No
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Languages spoken: English
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Special-needs population served: As needed
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Locations served: Jackson, DeKalb, Madison and Marshall Counties
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Contact info: (256) 228-4059